Hello Everyone,

The conference ended Friday at noon.  All went well and we were very encouraged with the written replies on the post-conference survey.  Many expressed their gratitude for the teaching of God's Word and explained changes the teaching made in their thinking.  Several who were doubting their salvation were convinced of their security in Christ.  Many expressed how the teaching on Colossians 3 regarding marriage and family profoundly impacted them.  As usual the receiving of certificates was a joyful time of celebrating God's grace.

Today we went to the building site for Grace Center Bible Church and helped in the work.  Amazing amount of progress since last weekend.  All seems well for them to be in the building by the end of the year.  Tomorrow we will be at Grace Center Bible Church for worship and then down to the dock to catch a boat to the airport.  Our flight is scheduled to depart Freetown at 7:10 pm.  By God's grace we will arrive in Nashville, Monday evening around 6:00 pm.

We have enjoyed our time serving the Lord together but are eager to return home.  We ask that you pray for our safety as we travel and continue praying for our families until we are reunited. 

Pressing on in Christ,