Greetings from Sierra Leone,

Please accept my apologies for not writing more, our computers have not been working well with the internet to much of any length online.  Actually our computers have done some really strange things online but that is a story for another time.  The conference has gone extremely well so far.  By God's grace we are on schedule to finish a little early leaving time for digging into some topics that need addressing.  We have over forty in attendance.  Since many of the disciples have been with us from the beginning we have been able to focus on some side issues that we know from Michael are in need of clarity.

On Wednesday, Tommy and I wore our traditional Sierra Leone Chief garments that were given to us last year at the end of the Daniel workshop.  Everyone was very excited to see us wearing these, some even greeting us as the greet their chiefs.  Michael informed us that it meant a lot to them in that it demonstrated we identified with them and felt like we belonged with them.  I apologize for not having pictures of both of us teaching in these garments.


God has granted us both restful sleep, good health and great weather.  We have great confidence that this is a result of your fervent prayer on our behalf.  Once again we ask you to continue to pray in this manner as well as for our families back home.  We would also ask for you to pray for the disciples learning this week.  One in particular is man who is like a father to one of the men we have gotten to know well over the years.  This man is struggling with the believer's eternal security.  He keeps asking question after question that we continue to answer from the text of Scripture.  Pray that God the Holy Spirit will keep making the Word clear to him so that he will be assured of his permanent identity in Christ.

We thank all of you for your prayers and we continue praying for you as well.  Don't be distracted by current political events but keep looking down from your identified position in Christ to you avoid being captured by the deceptive world system.  Colossians 2:8; 3:1-4.

Pressing on in Christ,

Chief Tiya and Chief Tonyah (aka Chief Truth and Chief Truth or Clay and Tommy or for some Tweedledee and Tweedledum