Good Evening to all (10:45 pm Freetown)

By God's grace we had a wonderful day in God's Word.  Thirty-five disciples were present for the beginning our study in Colossians with more coming tomorrow being unable to make it today (travelling is not always easy here).  Tommy and I shared the teaching load alternating each hour.  The focus today was on the sufficiency of Christ for our salvation and our sanctification.  Combating the early heresy of what became Gnosticism, Paul pulled it apart early on in the beginning of the epistle by focusing on Christ. 

Paul's prison prayers in Colossians, Ephesians, and Philippians are all very similar with a focus on the sanctification of those he writes.  Early on Paul mentioned Epaphras as the one the Colossians had learned the Truth.  Tommy had Colossians 1:7-8 mentioning Epaphras and used it to explain the DM2 model (dare I say the Biblical model) of teaching others who will teach others also.  You see Epaphras learned from Paul and he took the Truth to Colossae. 

Most in attendance for the Colossians workshop are those who have been with us for the past five years.  We are so thankful to God's grace for the ongoing growth in these men and women.  Time and space are not enough to share the stories of what so many are doing with the Truth they have learned from God's Word.  They are not getting knowledge for knowledge sake but putting it into faith application as disciple makers.  All glory to God!

We ask that you continue to pray for us and our families.  We are both in good health at this time and continue to have cool weather (75 at night and 85 during the day).  By His grace we will have more to report tomorrow or Wednesday.  Don't forget to vote and pray fervently for our country!

Pressing on in Christ,

Clay and Tommy, too