Hello to Everyone,

We have finished the conference today.  The last three days were full of intense concentration on the prophetic elements in the Book of Daniel.  Many people expressed their thanks for the clear understanding of God's eschatological outline.  We spent four hours going through Daniel 11 methodically showing the details of the prophecy about Syria and Egypt and how it was all literally fulfilled (Daniel 11:2-35).  The primary application for us in the Church of that passage is to know that our God can declare the end from the beginning in the greatest of details and we know for certain it will come about just as revealed.  Many expressed their understanding of the importance of literal interpretation and literal fulfillment of prophecy.  Some even changed their previous post-trib position to a pre-trib position.

At the end of the conference today, Tommy and I were honored with gifts of traditional Sierra Leone garments and made "chiefs of truth."   "Big Chief" and "Little Chief" can be seen with men from Makeni in the picture.  I will leave it up to you to decide who is who.

We have plans to visit the Grace Center Bible Church building site tomorrow morning and view the progress on the church's foundation.  Sunday we will be back at the community center where Grace Center Bible Church meets for worship and then begin the long trip home.  We wish to express our thanks for your continued prayers; the Lord has definitely paved the way for us on this trip.  We also ask that you continue praying for our safe return and for our families in our absence. 

Pressing on in Christ,