Hello again from Freetown,

We had a great day in God's Word today.  We covered the skeletal outline of the Times of the Gentiles as revealed in Daniel 2 all the way through to the handwriting on the wall in Daniel 5.  We will begin tomorrow with Daniel in the Lion's Den and hopefully start Daniel 9.  According to Tommy's schedule we are an hour ahead of where we anticipated which is good because we will need more time in the prophetic heavy sections of Daniel.  The response to God's Word continues to be encouraging.  Many have expressed their appreciation and made known the clarity they are receiving regarding Biblical Eschatology as well as God's purpose for prophecy.  The weather has been hot and muggy but we only feel the impact of the weather at night with no moving air.  As a result Tommy and I are not sleeping well (I am up reading history right now at 2:30 am and taking a break to write).  So I would ask you to pray that rest will come and that our health continues to be well.  We have been able to talk to our families everyday on Skype and that keeps us encouraged.  Thanks again for your continued prayers.

Pressing on in Christ,