Hello to all,

The Daniel conference started well.  We are meeting in a different conference center this year than the past conferences.  The center is less expensive but has had its challenges.  We were without power for most of the teaching sessions yesterday, however the main charts we needed to see in the first sessions were viewable when they needed to be.  Tommy did a great job in explaining Eschatology and literal hermeneutics.  We have about 45 in attendance with most of them being the core group we have been training from the beginning.  We are doing well although a bit tired.  Please pray for strength, power to function at the center, and for us to be able to sleep at night.  The reception of God's Word has been exciting and encouraging as always.  It takes some of the men in attendance two days to travel here for the conference.  They all make a great sacrifice to have their hunger for the Word of God met.  More to come soon.

Pressing on in Christ,