Hello again,

Tommy and I were able to see the body of Christ function in bearing one another's burdens today.  After worship services this morning many of the members of Grace Bible Center walked up the mountain to a home of a church member who was grieving the loss of a loved one.  Afterwards we walked down the mountain another direction to visit a sister in Christ who is going blind.  The members were there to comfort, pray and encourage their fellow saints in these tests of life.  All of this came after hearing Howard teach from John 15, I taught on 2 Chronicles 29-30, and Tommy taught the men under a canopy after Church.  Tommy put together a great chain link of Scripture that emphasized the phase 2 aspect of our salvation.  His teaching was very well received sparking questions and encouraging comments of gratitude for his teaching.  We spent the afternoon continuing to prepare for the Daniel conference.  Once tomorrow morning rolls around the week will fly by.  Thank you all for your continued prayer support and please pray for strength, sleep, and guidance in clarifying eschatological understandings in Scripture. 

Pressing on in Christ,