Hello to everyone,

Today was a day of God's grace provision in so many ways.  We were given ample time to sleep and rest up for the upcoming week.  Such rest was needed after the sleepless travel to Freetown.  We spent the majority of the day preparing for the Daniel conference.  Four more charts for teaching Daniel 9 were made and many logistical needs were provided.  Both Tommy and I will have the opportunity to serve tomorrow by teaching God's Word and visiting the home of one of the church's folks who has lost a loved one.  Please pray for guidance in providing comfort for a bereaving family and opportunities for the Gospel.  After Church tomorrow, Tommy and I will continue preparations including getting the name tags ready and other busy work that must be done.  We have also been graced out by being able to communicate with our families regularly on Skype.  Such times provide encouragement for us as well as comfort to know all is well at home.  After tomorrow time will begin to fly, please continue praying for wisdom and guidance as we go forward.  Hopefully, I will have report on Sunday's events up tomorrow evening.

Pressing on in Christ,