Hello everyone,

By God's grace and your prayers, Tommy and I have arrived safely in Sierra Leone with all our luggage.  We are exhausted from the trip having not slept for 36 hours but we are well.  Michael's wife Georgiana served us a delicious supper of barracuda steaks over a bed of slaw along with spicy spaghetti.  Feeling special sporty Tommy and I also had a Vimpto, which is a raspberry cola that makes me think of Floyd drinking a Huckleberry Smash as Wally's filling station.  Anyway, we are about to go to sleep for tomorrow we have last touches of preparation for teaching Daniel to accomplish.  Please pray for wisdom and good use of our time (we cannot chase too many rabbits or else we will never finish the study).  Your prayers have already been answered in regards to our travel and safety, so we ask that you continue steadfast as we stand in the gap with you in prayer and service.

Pressing on in Christ,

Clay and Tommy