Pleroma Church is an independent local church with no denomination affiliation. However, there are other churches around the country who share the same basic position as Pleroma Bible Church concerning the importance of God's Word and the necessity to teach it accurately.

Albany Bible Church                                                              Albany,GA Pastor Pete Daughtry

Austin Bible Church                                                                    Austin, TX - Pastor Bob Bolender

Country Bible Church                                                              Brenham, TX - Pastor Mike Smith

Fredericksburg Bible Church                                             Fredericksburg, TX- Pastor Jeremy Thomas

Free Grace Bible Church                                                                   Dallas, TX - Pastor John Brumett

Front Range Bible Church                                                          Denver, CO - Pastor Mark Perkins

Grace Bible Church                                                                        Houston, TX - Pastor David Dunn

Grace Redeemer Bible Church                                                      Olympia, WA - Pastor Mark Musser

Gulf Coast Bible Church                                                             Sweeney, TX - Pastor Rick King

Lakeland Bible Church                                                          Auburn, WA - Pastor Tanny Sisson

National Capital Bible Church                                                Washington D.C. - Pastor Dan Ingram

North Stonington Bible Church                                               North Stonington, CT - Pastor Larry Chappell

Pine Valley Bible Church                                                    Houston, TX - Pastor Bruce Bumgardner

Preston City Bible Church                                                   Preston City, CT - Pastor David Roseland

Spokane Bible Church                                                      Spokane, WA - Pastor Tod Kennedy

West Houston Bible Church                                              Houston, TX - Pastor Robert Dean